BFC Skitz Literary Collection

All publications, including novels, booklets, photo documentaries, poetry, video feeds, etc are sold on a nonprofit basis – all proceeds go to help STEM job development for adults and youth, to business continuity services for HUB Zone and underserved area businesses, scholarship programs, and towards the development of housing assistance programs for those most in need.

A celebration of abstract, a walk through history, a deep dive into research.

Literature comes in many forms. Sometimes its the mere expression of an emotion, the capturing of a sweet sleepy dream, the movement of the stars, the poetic narration of a memorable event. Other times its the remaking of history in the simplest of terms, as a family would inherit it. At even other times it’s the visualization of reearch put into applicable terms made to be applied. Regardless, BFC Skitz provides that literature to you, then uses any proceeds to go back into society to solve a need to do some good.

Dr. Bonnie Aylor’s Masterpieces

The perfect collision of abstract poetry, narrations, mini-stories, and trailers to larger novels or movie scripts make up this collection of several years worth of imaginations from an awarded Ph.D. recipient with years of exposure to the writing culture and prior movies and publications. Dr. Aylor is also an acclaimed inventor moving into patent and trademark law.

Young Innovator’s Association

A publication of the Young Innovator’s Association Inc that works with area schools to mentor students in support of STEM and STEM + art careers. YIA in short. YIA works to obtain grants for inventions and helps students by preparing business plans, business cases, and documents in the attainment of patents. YIA also provides college application services, disability services, and services to students in grade school hoping to achieve STEM and STEM + art careers. The publication highlights news in the world of inventions, young entrepreneurs, updates in technology, tips on how to get grants and patents, information on new R&D programs, and updates in intellectual property laws.

The Fast Lane

A historical picturebook showcasing antique cars, car parts, and titles that tell a story about high-performance safety. The book highlights racing tragedies, the succulent parts of muscle cars and high-performance racers, and heavy luxury automobiles. It goes through the story of the first car to the cars of today and tells how automobile safety has evolved from the simplest stop no a carriage into the automated designs of today.

BFC Analytics

A publication by the BFC Consulting Group where there’s a beauty from conservancy. The journal highlights the world of business analytics, technological innovation, efficient organizational processes, and much more. It includes leadership theory concepts and PMI concepts with the many involved techniques to provide advice to common business owners or executives on the most efficient tools for business success. Trending topics include blockchain, cryptocurrencies, digitalization, client portals, smart cities, smart contracts, and energy infrastructure.